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R M Wiseman

UK General Counsel

Shell International Limited

Shell Centre

London  SE1 7NA.

(recorded delivery)

 Your Ref:  LSUK(?) 

5 March 2001

Dear Mr. Wiseman, 

I wrote to Joanne Chandler ('Assistant Sustainable Development' Shell International Limited), on the 17 February 2001 (copy enclosed), pointing out the lies/inconsistencies in 'her'/Shell's response (copy enclosed) to Mr. Philip Coe's enquiry concerning Shell's wholesale nuclear dumpings.  

As you will be aware, Shell's 'Sustainable Development Assistant' responded with a most extraordinary letter (copy enclosed).  Ms. Chandler's letter amounts to the, now, classic Fran Morrison (Shell's former Media Head)I was only obeying orders/Shell's 'no' nuclear reactor/dumpings assertions, are nothing to do with me, I'm just an employee- line.  Her refusal to sign/forward a Statement of Truth merely mirrors your own, Shell's Chairman and its lawyer's refusals to sign a Statement of Truth, in support of Shell's position(?). 

Rather, she closed her said letter by informing that she had passed my letter on to you, 'to deal with it'.  It is now more than two week since my letter was 'passed on to you', hence, I would be obliged if you would now forward Shell's detailed response.

 In closing, I have always tried to conduct my dealing with Shell, in a civilised manner.  For example, you will recall that I have readily acceded to your requests that I fax copies of my letters, even though you would receive the (posted) letter in question, the following day.  Consequently, I request, that Shell now forward copies of personal and other data concerning myself, as per my request the 2 February 2001. 


Yours sincerely,


John Dyer.