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Mark Moody-Stuart

Shell Transport & Trading Company p.l.c.

Shell Centre


London SE1 7NA.


4 February 1999.

Dear Mark Moody-Stuart,

                             You may be aware that I have been trying to conduct a dialogue, unsuccessfully, with Shell Unfortunately, despite several letters, one meeting and virtually six months of trying, I have drawn a complete blank. The Legal Director of Shell UK Limited, Richard Wiseman, informs me that Shell UK Limited is authorized to speak on your behalf, regarding these matters (copies enclosed).  However, I have found Shell to be somewhat less than straightforward.  As a consequence I now feel it is correct that I inform you that I shall, presently, be publishing detailed ‘accounts’ concerning the illegal dumpling of thousands of tons of nuclear/radioactive waste, by Shell. I will produce evidence implicating, amongst others, The Shell Transport & Trading Company Limited in this matter. The purpose of writing is so that there can be no question that The Shell Transport & Trading Company p.l.c and hence the UK Shell Group is aware of the position.



Yours sincerely,







John Dyer.