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R M Wiseman

R M Wiseman

Shell UK limited

Shell-Mex House

London WC2R 0XD.


Your Ref.: UKLG 


Dear Mr Wiseman, 

                               You will recall that I wrote to you on the 5 October 1998. Some seven weeks later, despite your brief  'holding'  letter of the 20 October 1998,  I have still not received, to date, a reply. The fact that you (Shell) responded, more often than not, to Twenty Twenty Television's correspondence the following day, only serves to arouse, in my mind, concern as to the reason(s) for the present delay. 

I feel in the circumstances it is only reasonable that I now ask you to forward Shell's  response to my letter of the 5 October 1998, forthwith.


Yours sincerely,


John Dyer.