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Marcus Rutherford

D J Freeman

43 Fetter Lane

London EC4 A1JU.

5 October 2000

Your ref   MWR/PAS/011311999

Dear Mr Rutherford,

Following your acknowledgement of the 20 September 2000, your client Shell has now specifically refused, on at least four separate occasions, to re-state that Shell did not have a nuclear reactor/testing cell at its Thornton Research Centre in the 1960’s, as per Shell’s Narrative of 7 February 1994*.  Furthermore, your client Shell has now declined to (re)state** that they did NOT carry out the secret, primarily military, nuclear research programmes as set out in paragraphs 51-78 of my draft Statement of Claim, and elsewhere.

*‘(a) Shell Thornton was not involved in "atomic research" (page 1).’

‘(b) Thornton did not house a "nuclear facility"….  Thornton did not and never has housed a pile or reactor.  (page 2).’ 

**‘(c) We do not understand what you mean by "atomic research for military purposes".  We have already explained that Thornton was not involved in any atomic research (page 2).’

As per my informing Shell, its legal head and yourself, that I reserve the right to publish my findings via the WEB.  Consequently, I confirm that I have a WEB site.  My WEB site is presently ‘empty’.  However, I enclose a CD containing its proposed contents.  Please 

1.       Place CD in CD tray (usually drive D).

2.       Double click ‘My computer’ icon

3.       Click CD ROM drive (select D, E or F, to open-up ‘WEB site’).

4.       By clipping on any of the blue highlights, or page bottoms you automatically open up the said hyperlink (page).

5.       Should you encounter any difficulties please do not hesitate to directly contact me. 

You will see that my WEB site will contain the most shocking allegations ever made against any multinational, or other, corporation.  Of course, if Shell believes any of the allegations are untrue it will to quote your letter of the 11 August 2000:

 ‘…. take whatever action it sees fit in order to protect its reputation from false attacks.’

 ‘They (Shell) would however, have no hesitation in protecting their reputation from defamatory attacks.’

I await your ‘writs’, if Shell maintains that it did not hire known criminals to decommission its nuclear reactor/testing cell in 1968 and order as per Shell’s prior plan, the illegal mass dumping of its nuclear materials/waste, if Shell did not carry out the extensive military, and other, nuclear programmes, as set-out in paragraphs 51-71 of my Statement of Claim, if Shell disputes that it did construct a knowingly fraudulent Narrative in 1994, in order to cover-up its nuclear dumping crimes.  

Your clients, Shell have seven days to either commence legal proceedings, or forward their proposals.  Should Shell fail to do either, then I shall  ‘publish’ via my WEB site, the enclosed CD contents, with immediate effect.

Furthermore, as previously stated, I will distribute leaflets setting out Shell’s wholesale nuclear dumping crimes at Thornton Research Centre, Cheshire and Shell Headquarters, London

 Yours sincerely,



John Dyer.


cc Mark Moody-Stuart

cc Jeroen van der Veer

cc Richard Max Wiseman