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One arm of Shell's, present strategy, is its 'call in the authorities/we are behaving responsibly' line.  Of course, it begs the question why Shell themselves have not (officially) called in the 'Authorities'.  Shell's 'call in the authorities' line was first (orally) put to me by the Group's legal head, Richard Wiseman, I immediately replied- 'You (Shell) are the criminals, you call them in.'  Shell refused.  However, once Shell discovers a line which it believes is unacceptable to me, it, as per strategy, endless demands that I accept the particular 'unaccepable' line in question.  My letter of the 7 September 2000, to Shell's solicitor is instructive:

'Seven years after Shell’s fraudulent Narrative (cover-up) resulted in the ‘cancellation’ of a current affairs television programme that would have exposed Shell nuclear dumping crimes, along with it’s illegal surveillance, it’s campaign of personal abuse and vilification against myself, etc., etc., Shell now ‘suggests’ that I deal with the issue by informing the 'Health & Safety Executive'.  Well, frankly it is akin to, say, complaining about Shell’s behavior in Nigeria, to the local trading standards officer!  Despite this, I again repeat my offer of the 15 August last:  

‘I will undertake to do this (call in the Health & Safety Executive) if you  will now, give an unreserved undertaking on behalf of the Shell Group, as its Legal Head, that the Shell Group of Company’s will make all of the relevant records freely available, and that the relevant authorities will have free and unhindered access to any document or record or Company and or individuals, without reserve! Furthermore, you will hand over your files, as I undertake, as an act of goodwill.’ 

I await, now as then, your clients undertaking 


Shell responded, to my acceptance of the Group's 'call in the Health & Safety' demand/line, by instructing its legal head, to fax, me, Shell's immediate, outright rejection!  Notwithstanding, the fact that the 'Health & Safety' body is totally unsuited to investigate such serious crimes, my offers to accept Shell's 'call in the Health & Safety', were all refused.  This, despite the fact that, in return, I have unconditionally offered to 'hand over' my own files and evidence to the oil multinationals  selected 'Authorities'!  Shell, unable to confront the truth of its past, still cynically and unashamedly forwards the same 'call in the Health & Safety' line, to this day.  Thornton. MD Graeme Sweeney is currently misinforming (lying) Thornton’s staff that I have refused to call in the ‘Health & Safety’.   I have (repeatedly) written to Shell's lawyers requesting that this lie be corrected, Shell and its lawyers simply refuse to respond, and carry on lying.