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I, John Dyer, have been researching, since 1988, the decommissioning and subsequent illegal  dumping of nuclear materials/waste by Shell at its Thornton Research Centre, Cheshire, in 1968.  Shell's illegal mass nuclear dumping(s) was an act planned, executed, and authorised by Shell, at the highest (director) level.  The full story has many, extraordinary strange, almost unbelievable turns.  I was originally informed of the nuclear decommissioning in 1971; however, it was not until a seemingly innocuous remark, by one of the nuclear decommissioners in 1988, that I came to understand the reality and possible (horrifying) significance of the allegations.  In 1993, following five years of research, my findings resulted in the commissioning of a television programme, for Carlton Television.  Shell reacted in a wholly unreasonable (hysterical is not, I believe, an exaggeration), manner.  Investigators were assigned to keep me under surveillance, my phone was tapped, my mail intercepted and withheld.  Another arm of Shell's strategy was to file a seemingly endless line of complaints to the ITC and Carlton Television’s lawyer, and others, concerning my alleged conduct.

Shortly before the proposed transmission date, 10 February 1994, Shell produced an extensive and detailed ‘Narrative’ to set out their official position/defence.  Briefly, Shell’s 7 February 1994 Narrative was to the effect that, ‘Yes a nuclear building had been demolished, however, it was, Shell claimed, a low-level (radiation) nuclear facility’.  Not the reactor/testing cell, I had alleged.  In short, Shell maintained,  I had got it wrong.  Shell’s Narrative, combined with its policy of discrediting and rubbishing the messenger and its media contacts, resulted in the television programme being cancelled.

The truth is that far from my actually ‘getting it wrong’; Shell’s Narrative was a planned and deliberate falsification of its Thornton nuclear decommissioning, in 1968.  By 1998 my research findings were such that Shell were forced to concede that their 7 February 1994 Narrative ‘was a mistake’.  However, Shell's Narrative was no 'mistake'.  Rather, it was to quote my letter to Shell's legal head of the 23 May 2000  'a tissue of lies from start to finish'.  My evidence now demonstrates that Shell were aware of the truth, before they constructed their Narrative of the 7 February 1994, hence, its construction.  The Narrative ran for several thousand words, detailing, for instance, the radiation levels that were, ‘recorded’ according to Shell, at its claimed Cobalt-60 Thornton decommissioning.  No such events took place. The Cobalt-60 Narrative (lies), were part of Shell's great lie/cover-up of its nuclear dumping, and other crimes. 

The events surrounding the actual nuclear decommissioning are somewhat complex.  Suffice to say I can now detail page by page, line by line the magnitude of the lies contained in Shell’s Narrative of 7 February 1994, and other Shell letters concerning this matter. 

I have chosen (at this stage) not to reveal the identities of the individuals who were involved in the decommissioning, for this is Shell’s Corporate crime(s), and cover-up!  Consequently, Shell's said hired 'criminals' were actually the first of its victims.  Acting responsibly, in an attempt to try an avoid, or at least mitigate the worst aspects of turning  a disaster into a media/lawyers circus, I have endlessly sought to ensure that Shell face up to the consequences of its crimes.  Only to find that I am confronted by a deeply cynical and corrupt multinational corporation.


From almost the birth of nuclear 'power', one of the world's largest multinational corporations, Shell was engaged in an extensive program of secret nuclear research, for and with various military 'organisations', in the United Kingdom.  Shell's '‘partnership’, with the nuclear establishment, (correspondence reveals that the British nuclear 'establishment' has, or had, a low opinion of Shell as per its trustworthiness)  was borne out of necessity, as the best-applied chemists, and others, were to be found in private industry, rather than the universities- hence the so called military industrial complex.

The research programmes involved the construction of a nuclear research reactor/testing cell at Shell's- Thornton Research Centre.  The construction, location and operation were all carried out under the highest level of security.  In 1968 (for reasons not appropriate for disclosure at this juncture), the reactor/testing cell was decommissioned, i.e. demolished.  Because of its absolute top-secret nature, it was not deemed to have ever officially existed.  Thus, neither the reactor nor its waste could be officially decommissioned and reprocessed.  Nevertheless, a relatively small amount (in tonnage terms) of the most highly toxic elements of the materials/waste, was to have been retrieved and safely reprocessed.  It was (pre) planned that the remaining materials/waste would be disposed, by illegally dumping.  To achieve this, a contractor (with a history of illegal disposing of nuclear materials/waste) was specifically engaged to demolish the nuclear reactor/testing cell and dump the remainder of the nuclear materials/waste.  The chosen contractor(s), who had/have criminal records, were paid a six figure (at today’s prices) cash sum!

The demolished reactor/testing cells' waste included Strontium 90.  Radioisotopes such as Sr.-90 and Caesium 137, occur in irradiated fuel elements, from nuclear reactors.  The radioactive isotopes Sr-89 and Sr-90 (half-life 28 years) are some of the most dangerous products of the nuclear industry.  Strontium is chemically similar to calcium, deposits in bones and other tissues, where the radioactivity is very damaging.

In fact, it proved impossible to separate and retrieve the most highly toxic nuclear waste.  In consequence, Shell ordered and sanctioned the wholesale dumping of vast amounts of nuclear waste (involving of thousands of tones).  Almostunbelievably, this waste was subsequently used in the construction of an housing estate, medical facilities, shops, schools and leisure establishments-which were built on either the waste or its surroundings.  However, the major part of the waste was either directly sold on, or stored, and later sold on as hardcore, by the haulage contractor who was engaged to remove the waste off-site.  The total volume of nuclear waste retrieved and dumped runs to many thousands of tons

A former senior Shell Thornton (technical) Manager I interviewed, not only recalled the actual 'demolition/decommissioning', he  correctly identifies the area of the Thornton site, which he stated, housed a nuclear ‘research reactor’.  Shell's former Manager, further stated the reason/purpose for Shell's employment of its Strontium-90, at its Thornton Research Centre.  However, I was not simply prepared to take what I had been told at face value, hence, I spent several years tracking down the required documentation, in order to be able to either stand the alleged nuclear research programmes up or down.  My research demonstrates that the said 'Manager’ told the truth.  

In my letter to Shell Thornton's MD, of the 8 February 1999 I inquired as to how Shell will be able to square its inability, ‘in spite of extensive research’, to find any evidence with regards to my allegations of Shell Thornton's extensive nuclear involvement’, 'following' my interviewing a senior Shell Research/Thornton (technical) Manager.  In which he not only recalled the reactors decommissioning, he correctly identifies the site which housed, according to him a  ‘research reactor’. 

I subsequently offered to hand over a transcript of my interview with Shell's former Manager,  along with irrefutable document evidence demonstrating that Shell Thornton and it’s employees and agents were carrying out precisely the nuclear research programs as per the Managers account.  Only to have the offer refused on the grounds of 'costs'!

My evidence, now documents Lord Victor Rothschild’s central role, in Shell Thornton's nuclear decommissioning, and the subsequent security concerns.  Evidence further reveals that a Head of Shell, closely involved with its nuclear decommissioning, was subsequently chosen to be a member of a number of enquiries  into the 'safety of nuclear power'!  

Having identified (only) four of the locations, used as deposit sites, tragically the identified 'dump' sites are located in some of the most densely populated sectors of the UK.  The implications for countless thousands of people who reside, or have resided, in those areas where the waste was/is ‘dumped’, are devastating.  

See Statement of Claim (button) for a more detailed account, of events.

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